Thank you for your interest in joining Alexandria, VA branch of AAUW!  Here is a short list of the amazing benefits AAUW membership offers:

A Strong Voice:
Alexandria AAUW’s members participate in AAUW Action Fund’s Capitol Hill Lobby Corps to support legislative initiatives which benefit women and girls. Branch members also lobby Virginia state legislators in support of the Equal Rights Amendment to the federal constitution.
Members of the AAUW Alexandria have visited the Alexandria campus of the Northern Virginia Community College to express AAUW’s support for Title IX activities and have monitored and submitted comments on pending federal Title IX regulations.

A Vibrant Community:
Alexandria branch members’ educational attainment ranges from associate degree to Doctor of Philosophy. College students are also welcome as members.
AAUW Alexandria branch members have professional accomplishments in a wide variety of fields including law, medicine, the military, management, the federal civil service and other disciplines.
AAUW Alexandria provides a supportive atmosphere for professional and personal growth. Here one can make personal contacts, initiate career changes, foster public speaking skills, develop leadership skills, and make friends.

Relevant Information:
AAUW Virginia distributes the Virginia Vision magazine twice a year. Virginia Vision highlights the activities of AAUW in support of women at the state level and features stories about the unique accomplishments of some of Virginia’s branches.
AAUW Alexandria publishes a newsletter, the Schooner, approximately 10 times a year and maintains a web site.

Valuable Resources:
AAUW Alexandria sponsors a major fundraiser every year. Customarily, the branch rents Little Theater of Alexandria one evening a year and sells tickets to the show. Proceeds of the fundraiser are donated to AAUW National’s Educational Opportunity Funds.
AAUW Alexandria supports the Alexandria Community through public service projects: provides meals for Christ House, a mission of the Archdiocese of Arlington located in Old Town, Alexandria, and donates supplies to Guest House, a transitional facility for recently incarcerated women.

See our newsletters to learn more about our new initiatives: Women Building Cross Cultural Friendships, Great Decisions and Fighting Human Trafficking in Virginia.

Membership Brochure

Ready to join?

You may now join our branch through a completely online process through AAUW National. Please click the link that applies to your membership type: