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Lynn O’Connell

Some great news for next year!  First, Great Decisions has added an additional topic so there will be nine discussions throughout the year. Secondly, we are partnering with another Great Decisions group (coordinated by Howard Soroos – you may have seen him at some of our meetings this year).  This partnership means that we will have two meetings in early 2022 in-person; one of those meetings is scheduled for February, and the other is not yet scheduled.


Mark Your Calendars (and keep in mind you are welcome to attend one, two, or all nine, as your schedule permits.  And guests are welcome!)

Sunday, Feb 27, 7 pm – US Foreign Policy Challenges
Speaker:  John Allen (, President of the Brookings Institution.  Previously, he was a Marine General with commands in Afghanistan and Iraq, and then served as President Obama’s Special Envoy to the Coalition Against ISIS.
Location:  Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 1301 Collingwood Road, Alexandria, VA  22308

Thursday, March 10, 7 pm
Thursday, April 14, 7 pm
Thursday, May 12, 7 pm
Thursday, June 9, 7 pm
Thursday, September 8, 7 pm
Thursday, October 13, 7 pm
Thursday, November 10, 7 pm

Changing Demographics
Outer Space
Climate Change
Myanmar and Asean (Diane Schrier)
Quad Alliance (Effort by US, Japan, Australia, & India to contain China)
Drug Policy in Latin America
Industrial Policy (Should US policy support specific companies or industries?  What policies can the US implement to deal with trade & the international economy?)

Email Lynn at with your topic choice.  Thank you in advance!

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