Thank you for a wonderful 2015

We want to thank you all for making this a wonderful 2015! This year started with enthusiasm and energy generated by new programs and our involvement with STEM project TECH SAVVY for 100 6th-9th grade girls and their parents at NoVA. Also new this year are the wonderful cultural programs organized monthly in DC/VA by our Cultural Chair Paula. We had a wonderful Spanish cooking demonstration with a delicious meal which was lots of fun. Coming up in February are our College Student Leadership and Advancement of Young Government Women Leaders sponsored by the Campus Outreach Committee led by Lane. These programs of NCCWSL in June and ELECT HER on February 26 are supported by National and need you as volunteers to be successful.

We are so grateful for the friendship and participation of new and old members and our warm camaraderie. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to be fully involved due to trips or other family events we hope to see you at some of our events.

-Danielle and Ginger